Aginsky Capital | Missions And Objectives

Mission Statement

“To be the exclusive nexus for high-net-worth individuals and qualified institutional investors seeking to invest in real assets internationally.”
“To be a global financial bridge allowing people to move capital freely to wherever it is going to create the most value and generate the greatest impact.”


The Company’s purpose is to add tangible and quantifiable value to our global clientele and serve their unique needs. Even in today’s hyper-connected world, the realm of international asset investments is still highly complex and requires weaving through a multitude of layers of bureaucracy, intricate professional networks, and regulatory hurdles. Our broad goal is to facilitate global finance.



“To become the leading global conduit for cross-border investments into real assets for high-net-worth individuals.”
“To have our brand resonate internationally with investors who seek placements of capital into private assets globally”


Core Values

We strive for excellence and perfection at every step. While we are committed to growth as a company, we realize that it can only be attainable by having a formidable track record and strong relationships with all the stakeholders – clients, intermediaries, sellers of the asset, service partners, etc. The following core values are critical for that purpose and permeate throughout every fiber of the ACG fabric.


- Highest degree of expertise and service
- Unwavering attention to detail
- Timely and prompt
- Highest ethical standards
- Trustworthy
- Selective