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Property Types


Recommended Property Types


Our team has identified five types of real estate properties that we feel would make for a highly lucrative investment over the long-term, allowing us to provide our clients with an attractive return. These are as follows:


Government Leased Buildings



The Federal Government of the U.S., the largest user of real estate in the United States, owns and occupies 300 million square meters of office and related space. Currently, 32 million square meters of that space is leased. According to the General Services Administration (GSA), property manager for the Federal Government, the amount of government-leased space continues to grow at a more rapid pace than that of owned space.


Office Buildings and Business Parks



American economy and employment continues to grow stronger following the economic crisis of 2008.  Economic growth stimulates the lease market of office buildings. Office buildings remain one of the less risky and most profitable investments in commercial property.


Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Healthcare Buildings


The number of people using medical services and doing sports is expected to increase with the new healthcare reform initiated by President Obama. New mandatory insurance for businesses and state insurance for poor and older people reduces the financial burden for families and people who would like to improve their health. Moreover, the fitness club industry will see the considerable growth with the increasing number of baby-boomers.


Service and Retail Centers


The U.S. is a country of shopaholics says Face Hope Consolo, chairman of Douglas Elliman, a retail group that places new retail centers from all around the world in the U.S. As soon as one shop closes in American retail center, another one opens in its place. Due to the stable profits and high liquidity, the properties leased to service centers and retailers are seldom on the market and often traded by exclusive firms and brokers through their personal contacts with buyers.


Self Storage Facilities



Ancillary to the uptick in apartment rentals has been an increase in self-storage rentals from individuals or families who have needed to store their belongings as they downsize to a smaller residence. Popularity of the self-storage industry has grown so fast that in the past decade that use has grown from one in every seventeen households to one in every ten.