Aginsky Capital | Real Estate Investments


ACG’s real estate team has more than 80 years of combined experience over a wide range of asset types and regions in the U.S. With tens of millions of US dollars’ worth of real estate under its management, our team has been involved in virtually every kind of transaction, from ultra high end residential trophy properties (e.g., to commercial investments (e.g. large office buildings, shopping centers, etc.), and development projects (e.g. multi family, industrial, hotels, etc.).


ACG’s Investment Philosophy

ACG’s real estate investment philosophy is simple and effective. We target high quality commercial real estate assets that have a strong tenant base and an opportunity to add value to the asset.



Our team can help form a Special Purpose Entity (SPE) that will be owned by the Client. This investment vehicle will in turn acquire the selected real estate asset(s) and be responsible for their ongoing management. This service will also include obtaining required tax IDs, business licenses and permits, setting up bank accounts, etc.

Company formation

We will assist with you identifying investment properties that fit your criteria. This will be a two-step process; (i) we will first create a long list based on a wide set of criteria and (ii) we will narrow it down to a much shorter list after screening it through a more stringent set of criteria and further discussions with you.

Identification of the asset

We will conduct thorough due diligence on each of these potential acquisition targets to obtain and develop substantial analysis and detailed information about each potential acquisition. The due diligence will be comprehensive and will include (i) financial, (ii) physical property inspection, (iii) legal, (iv) taxes, (v) history of the property, (vi) tenant credit and background, etc.

Due diligence

Once the search has been narrowed down to the finalists, we will manage and structure any negotiations with the asset sellers, including contract drafting and signing.


We will advise the buyer on how to structure the transaction. This may involve setting up a different kind of entity (corporation or a trust), negotiating additional seller financing, restructuring the existing leases, etc.

Transaction advisory

Our team is available to guide the newly created SPE in actively managing the acquired assets and the overall portfolio of properties. We can either help you locate a property manager, give you advice about managing it yourself, or be directly responsible for the day-to-day operating activities of each individual property, as well as the overall strategic vision and performance of the portfolio.

Property Management

We can assist property owners with finding new tenants once the existing lease term is over. While the existing tenants most often renew their leases, we ensure that the building doesn’t remain empty in the cases that they do not.

Leasing Services

If the Client will prefer a complete exit then all properties will be carefully analyzed to see what may be done in order to maximize the exit multiple. We will solicit offers from all potential buyers/investors and determine which most closely meets our expectations. We will oversee the entire sale of each property and instruct escrow to disburse all cash to the interested parties as per our agreement.

Exit Strategy Execution